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History of Mother’s Day

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Ahh Mother’s!! Ambidextrous with the many roles they play, we’re often in awe that one person can be so much to so many; have the answer to everything, measured advice when it’s needed most, always be ‘right’ but never in a ‘i-told-you-so’ way… maybe we lucked out with our Mum? Either way, we believe Mother’s are wholly deserving of a dedicated day, after all, what would we do without them? History of Mother’s Day If you think that ‘Mother’s Day’…

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How to Cut a Stilton Cheese

According to a press release issued by the Good Housekeeping Institute it appears that diners have been committing a gastronomic crime on Britain’s cheeseboards.…


How to Clean a Wine Decanter

Cleaning a  wine decanter after you have used it for your red wine or port can be tricky, especially if you have finished the bottle and gone to bed without rinsing it…


Decanting Wine & Spirits

Decanting Wine – When Should You Do It? There are two reasons why decanting wine might be a good idea; it might be an old bottle, especially a Bordeaux wine with some…


Win A Table of Easter Delights

WIN a table of Easter delights, including a silver engraved egg cup and spoon from Hersey & Son Silversmiths and a set of Thornback & Peel tableware in their newest spring print Chicken & Carnation.…


A Selection of our Best Selling Cufflinks

Silver cufflinks are the perfect accessory for men who recognise style or who like to make a discreet fashion statement. This is a selection from our range of sterling silver hallmarked cufflinks.…


Forces VAT-Free Silver Gifts

Members of the UK Armed Forces serving abroad in Europe, or further afield, can now purchase silver gifts from our web site and use their tax-free status while serving outside the UK,…

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Silver Care & Cleaning Tips

The craftsmen in our workshop make all our Silver Jewellery and other silver items using 925 Sterling Silver, this is hallmark quality solid silver of 92.5% purity. The other 7.5% is made…


Is Your Sterling Silver Real Or Not?

Buying sterling silver jewellery or a unique silver item is quite an investment that becomes more and more valuable as time goes on. Being tricked into buying fake sterling silver is not…