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Samuel Pepys Silver Plate


Samuel Pepys was born in Salisbury Court just off Fleet Street, on this day – 23 February 1633. On New Year’s Eve 1666 he wrote in his famous diary we “One thing I reckon remarkable in my owne condition is, that I am come to abound in good plate, so as at all entertainments to be served wholly with silver plates, having two dozen and a half”.  Most people used plate made of pewter. Very little 17th century silver, of…

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How To Celebrate Burns Night

At this time of year, a true Scot will be looking forward to Burns Night on the 25th January and the accompanying celebrations. Recognised as one of Scotland’s greatest poets, Burns was…

zodiac map.

The Origin of Zodiac Signs

No one is completely certain when horoscopes first came into being, but from the earliest of times, the zodiac has been used to predict or reflect characteristics of personality, whether from the…

sterling silver egg cup.

History of the Easter Egg

It’s nearly Easter, so it’s time to think about the history of the Easter egg and gifts that might be suitable for an Easter present. But first, why do we have eggs…

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History of Mother’s Day

Ahh Mother’s!! Ambidextrous with the many roles they play, we’re often in awe that one person can be so much to so many; have the answer to everything, measured advice when it’s…

Lupercalia-valentine's day.

Valentine’s Silver Gifts

If you are looking for a special gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day you should look no further than a piece of silver jewellery, or other silver gift, because while…


History of the St Christopher

The story of St. Christopher and the medallion named after him is an interesting tale. It is said that he was a Canaanite named Reprobus, seven feet six inches tall with a…


Silver Wine Cistern

A news item about a sale of antiques caught my eye as it mentioned a silver wine cistern made by William Comyns & Sons Ltd. This is the firm that my father…


Early History of Silver – Part One

The history of silver is long, archaeological evidence suggests that people have been using silver for at least 5000 years. The first evidence of silver mining dates back to 3000 B.C., in…