Costly Salt Not Good For You!


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I read that the health do-gooders are at it again, this time with yet another report that UK adults eat too much salt. Which? Magazine and Consensus Action on Salt and Health found no difference in chemical content between regular salt and ‘costly gourmet brands’.

In a quote aimed at getting reported in the tabloid press, they went on to say, “Celebrity chefs should not be encouraging people to sprinkle sea salt on food, as you can get all the salt you need from a balanced diet.”

So Jamie, Marco Pierre White and even our local JP Gravier are being accused of not knowing how to prepare a meal and season it so that it arrives at the table with a combination of flavours to delight the customer.

Meanwhile, most ready made meals from your local supermarket will be overdosed with salt to preserve the food and avoid the use of more expensive herbs and other ingredients.

Fortunately, a few salt producers were allowed to comment on the report. Romi Alexander of So Natural, which supplies Himalayan Crystal Salt, spoke tellingly, saying, “Table salt is a highly refined, processed white substance that’s devoid of nutrients.”

Of course, one of the benefits of ‘expensive’ crystal salt is that its price will make home cooks use it more sparingly than free-running processed salt, so that’s got to be good for you. While an even bigger benefit is that it encourages people to invest in our beautiful range of salt mills. (You had to read this far to find out why I was writing about salt and not silver!)

Found on the tables of Michelin starred restaurants and one of our most popular gifts – in combination with with our silver peppermills – our range of salt mills are available in solid silver or in combination with Rosewood, Blackwood and Ivorine. Like most of our gifts we can engrave them with names or messages.

Perhaps “Just One Twist” would satisfy Which?.

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