How to Cut a Stilton Cheese


According to a press release issued by the Good Housekeeping Institute it appears that diners have been committing a gastronomic crime on Britain’s cheeseboards.

Cutting the Camembert and slicing the Stilton is not as straightforward a task as we might think, according to them and there’s a trick to getting the best from your cheese.

The guide explains that hard cheese should be cut into neat cubes, waxed truckles into thick wedges from the outside going in and those with a gooey centre into diagonal strips from the centre out.

For triangle-shaped cheeses such as Stilton or some Bries, the institute instructs that diners should cut off the very ends before slicing them into long, thin pieces “so that everyone gets to enjoy the sumptuously gooey texture nearer the tip”.

Many reviewers of this advice retorted along the lines that “only a cad would cut the end of the tip for themselves” and that the tip should be shared because otherwise you will be breaking the rules of etiquette. Problem is that they were probably reviewing supermarket pre-cut cheese rather than a proper truckle of Stilton, see our previous blog item.

According to Debrett’s “if a spoon is provided, scoop a portion of cheese from the middle.” And we couldn’t agree more. We have the perfect sterling silver cheese scoop available, just follow the link.

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