how to wear cufflinks.

How To Wear Cufflinks

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Being smartly dressed is a phrase that changes its meaning every few years. 60-years ago almost all men wore hats every day of the week. They are rarely seen on heads nowadays.

Ties are seldom seen these days either, except perhaps at weddings and funerals. So when it comes matters of the wardrobe, standing out and making a difference has become more difficult. Colourful socks, or no socks at all are the choice of some people, but a more discreet items of menswear can differentiate a chap from his chums in a more elegant way.

In case you are still wondering, it’s the cufflink or to be more precise, cufflinks I’m talking about. We’ve written about the history of cufflinks before, but it’s time to look at how cufflinks can add a classy look to a shirt and a suit.

Cufflinks are an important styling element, that can convey much about a man in a discreet way since there are numerous choices of cufflinks to choose from, some merely decorative but others that denote an interest in a particular sport or pastime, e.g. football, golf or fishing, or nationality, Union Jacks or Crosses of St George.

What Shirts Require Cufflinks?

While most everyday shirts feature a one-button barrel cuff, double cuffs (French cuffs) and formal dress shirts worn at black tie and white tie events and with morning dress, in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot for example, require cufflinks.

Cufflinks with Formal Attire

For most formal of occasions, it’s best to keep cufflinks discreet, nothing says style more than a pair of solid silver cufflinks engraved with your initials.

Cufflinks at Weddings

One of the few opportunities for a gent to dress up, cufflinks worn at a wedding can add style and interest to morning dress, or a smart new suit allowing you to wear more colourful cufflinks. Cufflinks also make terrific gifts for a best man and groomsmen, or from the bride to her new husband to mark this great day.

Types of Cufflink Fastenings

Bullet Back Cufflinks are the most common type of cufflink today. They are easy to thread through the shirt cuff and and twist to secure the cufflink into position. They generally provide a snug fitting, depending of course on the size of your wrist and the generosity of fabric in the shirt cuff.

Stud (or Button) Cufflinks look like studs or buttons and simply push through the shirt cuff. We like them as it is possible to engrave them with a secret message on the back that can only be seen by the wearer, allowing for saucy messages!

Chain Link Cufflinks are the traditional type of cufflink allow for a looser fit if you find other types of cufflink fastenings too tight. They can be engraved with initials or a monogram often on the faces to the chain.

Silk Knot Cufflinks – we have written about silk knot cufflinks before – also known as Turks Head Cufflinks. Our silk knot cufflinks are made in solid silver and are easy to thread through your shirt cuff.

So now you know how to wear cufflinks – take a moment to look at our terrific selection of silver cufflinks.

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