Raymond Blanc Anti-Salt Crusade


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Raymond Blanc, one of our most revered chefs, has long been an advocate of a low-salt diet and recommends that as little sugar and salt as possible are used in cooking, especially in children’s meals. Doing this, he claims, will let them grow with more refined palates than us – and free them from the health problems of older generations. Instead he recommends other ways of adding flavour such as herbs.

My initial concern on reading the article was that Raymond’s crusade would lead to the demise of the salt mill and an important part of the Hersey business. However, I was reassured by his closing statement about his diners being able to find salt cellers on his restaurant tables.“Of course! “ (they will find them), says Blanc, “I am not going to be a tyrant. At the cookery school, we educate people. In the restaurant it is about celebration. I am here to give joy.”

If you are looking to enhance your dining table with a beautiful pair of salt and pepper mills, you could book a table at Blanc’s La Manoir aux Quat’Saisons hotel in Oxfordshire and try to smuggle them out in a handbag or pocket… much easier to buy them pepper mills here though!

salt mill and pepper mill.

The silver and rosewood salt mill illustrated above is distinguished from others in our range by having both a silver cap and bottom band as part of the classic capstan design.

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