David Gilmore silver wedding.

Silver Weddings 2019


Finding celebrity silver weddings becomes increasingly difficult with each passing year. Many famous couples married in 1994…but not that many marriages have survived 25-years.

If you are a friend of any of them, or are celebrating a silver wedding of your own and are looking for the perfect silver wedding gift, just take a look at our Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts – I’m sure they would be appreciated.

  • Bill & Melinda Gates – 1st Jan – the founder of Microsoft is reported to be worth $97 billion, but doesn’t like spending money on jewellery.
  • Harry & Jill Connick Jnr. – 16 Apr – the singer and pianist has won multiple Grammy and Emmy awards.
  • Zinedine Zidane & Véronique – 28th May – the famous French footballer won the World Cup with France in 1998
  • Sarah Armstrong-Jones & Daniel Chatto – 14th Jul – the daughter of Princess Margaret is said to be The Queen’s favourite niece.
  • David & Polly Gilmore – 29th Jul – the Pink Floyd guitarist is a local to Hersey Silversmiths, using his houseboat, the Astoria, moored on the Thames at Hampton as a recording studio.

Here are some further gift ideas – both can be personalised with an engraving. A silver heart shaped box for a lady and silver wee dram whisky cup for a man.


silver heart box.wee dram whisky cup.

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