Unusual Armada Dish


In 2010, to mark his retirement after 12-years as Chairman of the Joint Assay Offices Committee, Mr Richard Vanderpump was presented with a unique Armada Dish made in the Hersey workshop.

Hallmarked “London Assay Office” for the year 2010 as well as the usual leopard’s head hallmark for London, it also bears the anchor hallmark for Birmingham, the Yorkshire rose for Sheffield and the castle for Scotland. To make this possible the Armada Dish had to be couriered to each city to be struck.

Silver Armads Dish detail.


The dish was made in our workshops at Hersey & Son through which another connection to Richard Vanderpump is possible. Richard was formerly head of the firm of C J Vander, manufacturing silversmiths, where the founder of Hersey & Son gained much valuable experience before establishing his own business.


Richard Vanderpump image.Richard is a former Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths Company and is pictured here on the right together with John Love, Superintendent of the London Assay Office.

Armada Dishes make excellent presentation gifts for long-service and to mark other significant events. To find out more, visit our Armada Dishes pages.

‘Images courtesy of The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office’



Silver Armada Dish

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