Lupercalia-valentine's day.

Valentine’s Silver Gifts


If you are looking for a special gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day you should look no further than a piece of silver jewellery, or other silver gift, because while traditional gifts of chocolates and flowers will soon be eaten, fade or forgotten a piece of silver will be treasured forever.

The origin of celebrating Valentine’s Day dates back to a Roman fertility celebration called Lupercalia. While I think it would be wise to draw a veil over some of what happened, I can tell that after ritual slaughter of goats, men would cover themselves in oil and use strips of hide from the goats, called februare to whip women, many of whom would welcome the the lashes to receive them as a fertility consecration. Yes, you may have noticed something familiar with the word februare, indeed, these strips of goat skin eventually gave us the name of the month of February.

Lupercalia took place on what was to become 15th February and later Christians took a dim view of the pagan ritual and behaviour of the participants and in the 5th century AD, Pope Galasius suppressed the festival, which some still enjoyed!

As a replacement a 3rd-century Roman saint who was martyred and buried on 14th February took the place of Lupercalia and Saint Valentine became the patron of lovers and romance in a much toned down celebration.

But back to silver gifts. We have a wide selection for both ladies and gentlemen, many with heart shapes and nearly all that can be engraved with a special message. Please order by 12th February to receive in time for Valentine’s day.

mens silver bangle.silver heart bangle.

silver enamel cufflinks.

silver heart earrings.

Shown above from left to right. Men’s Silver Heavy Torque Bangle. Ladies Silver Torque Bangle With Heart.

Navy & Pink Striped Enamel Cufflinks. Silver Heart Stud Earrings.

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