Hallmarking Survey Results

We are thrilled to announce that the Hersey & Son Hallmarking Survey results are in, and we couldn't be happier with the response!

We received over 800 entries in just over 30 days, and we have already passed on the results to The British Hallmarking Council, London Assay Office, and Retail Jeweller magazine. The survey results have shown us that there is a need for further consumer education on hallmarking, which we will continue to provide.

We are proud to maintain the standards and legal requirements of hallmarking as the oldest form of consumer protection in the world. We are delighted to share the survey results with you as follows:

Question one was "Do you have a good understanding of hallmarking?" and here are the responses:

- I know a little about hallmarking and would like to understand it better - 48.6%

- I know very little about hallmarking - 42%

- Yes, I know a lot about hallmarking - 9.4%

Question two "Is seeing the hallmark on a precious metal item important to you?" and here are the responses:

- Yes, I like to always see the hallmark if possible - 80.4%

- I like to see the hallmark but it's not essential - 17.9%

- I don't care about the hallmark - 1.7%

Question three "There is a cost charged to the manufacturer for hallmarking, are you happy to pay more for a hallmarked item?" and here are the responses:

- Yes, I am happy to pay more for a hallmarked item - 80.4%

- I am not sure if I would choose a more expensive item just because it was hallmarked - 21.9%

- No, I would buy the un-hallmarked item if I was told it was silver and it was cheaper - 2.5%

Question four "In the USA, there is no legal requirement for hallmarking, and people tend to buy from trusted brands, would that work in the UK?" and here are the responses:

- No, I think that I would always want to see a hallmark where possible - 66.7%

- I would buy only from a trusted brand but not from someone I had not heard of before - 18.4%

- Yes, I would be happy to buy un-hallmarked jewellery if that was normal - 14.9%

Question five "Items over a certain weight need to be hallmarked by law. Have you ever bought jewellery that doesn't conform to the UK?" and here are the responses:

- No, I have bought things and they always conform to the regulations - 70.9%

- Yes, I have bought things that are un-hallmarked but it doesn't worry me - 19.1%

- Yes, I have bought un-hallmarked things and I am unhappy about it - 9.9%

We are pleased to announce that the lucky winner of a £100.00 voucher to spend on our website will be contacted shortly. Thank you for taking the time to participate in the survey. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to continuing to provide you with high-quality hallmarked jewellery and silverware

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