4" Silver Armada Dish

    Timeless Elegance: The 4" Silver Armada Dish from Hersey & Son Step back in time...
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    3.25" Silver Armada Dish

    Hersey and Son Solid Silver Armada Dish - A Timeless Piece of Quality Craftsmanship Originating...
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    5" Silver Armada Dish

    Tradition and Elegance: The 5" Silver Armada Dish from Hersey and Son Experience the exquisite...
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    6" Silver Armada Dish

    Make a Statement with Hersey and Son Solid Silver Armada Dish The Hersey and Son...
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    8" Silver Armada Dish

    A Timeless Piece of English Craftsmanship: Hersey & Son Silversmiths 8" Silver Armada Dish Hersey...
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    10" Silver Armada Dish

    Timeless Elegance: The 10" Silver Armada Dish Hersey and Son 10" Silver Armada Dish. Crafted...
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Silver Armada Dishes

We believe that this is one of the finest collections of Armada Dishes you will find, all of them make lovely gifts; the larger ones are also suitable for presenting for awards and as trophies.

Many histories of the Armada Dish claim that these silver dishes are so named due to the fact that the originals were made from silver captured from Spanish treasure ships returning from the New World.

This is a romantic story, but there is no proof that it is true as we explain in our blog Silver Armada Dishes.

Dishes like these would have been used in Elizabethan England as serving dishes on formal occasions.

The collection of Armada Dishes now in the British Museum have been copied by Silversmiths for over 100 years using the same distinctive and uneven hallmarking around the edge of the plates as on the originals.

A number of small changes have been made these Armada Dishes to make them more attractive to modern users, including making the bottom of the dishes less indented and having the rims plain instead of with two inscribed circles.

If you require your Armada Dishes to be engraved with a name or message before delivery please let us know.

On receipt of a suitable artwork, we can also engrave a company logo, Coat of Arms or other images.

If you have any questions regarding a product or would like assistance with your order, do not hesitate to contact us on 01932 225 989.

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M. C. Hersey & Son are Silversmiths based in London and manufacture sterling silver tableware, jewellery and silver gifts.

Michael Hersey established the business in 1971 having served 16 years as a silver spinner in Soho and Clerkenwell, starting as an apprentice at William Comyn’s workshop in 1955. His son Stewart joined him in 1981 after training as a silversmith at The Sir John Cass School of Art and an apprenticeship in Southwark.

Today we are a team of silversmiths, polishers and engravers. A friendly bunch in the office look after our customers to ensure that buying from us is a simple and pleasurable experience.

Stewart Hersey is a Liveryman of The Goldsmiths’ Company and a Freeman of London. M.C Hersey & Son Ltd are members of the National Association of Jewellers.